Pastoral Care Program

At Auburn Community Hospital, our Pastoral Care Department is available to assist you and your family with counseling and support through traditional as well as holistic methods. Upon admission, or any time during a patient’s stay you may:

  • indicate your religious preference
  • request a visit from your local church or congregation
  • request that a chaplain pay you a visit

You are encouraged to make your wishes known at the time of admission so that your clergy or congregation will know that you are in the hospital and may visit with you.

Our Team

The Pastoral Department is staffed by paid and volunteer chaplains experienced in offering non-judgmental compassion, understanding and sensitivity to spiritual, cultural, ethnic and personal needs.

Our Services

Our services are focused on helping patients and families cope with the pressures and stress associated with hospital stays. As such, we strive to provide services that offer insights and perspectives during this time. Our services include:

  • patient visits and pastoral support
  • spiritual support for inpatient and outpatient families
  • prayer and contemplation resources that include bibles and other spiritual literature
  • bedside communion for patients
  • assistance at family conferences and in decision making
  • crisis intervention
  • information and assistance with Health Care Proxies and Advanced Directives
  • direct contact with a pastor, priest, or spiritual leader at a patient’s or family’s request
  • grief support
  • staff support

Our Chapel

There is a chapel on the second floor of the main hospital located between elevators B and C. We also have reading material which you are welcome to take to provide additional insightful information to help you or your family during your stay.