ACH is pleased to announce we have switched to a new patient portal. Our new patient portal, called FollowMyHealth, is hosted by Allscripts. You may already have a FollowMyHealth patient portal account if one of your physicians uses this portal. To log in to FollowMyHealth, please click here.

The exciting thing about FollowMyHealth is that it has a free app, which will allow you to access your ACH portal account on your mobile phone! Please click on either of the icons below to download the mobile app.

Google Play Badge App Store Badge

To sign up for the FollowMyHealth Portal, you will need to provide your email address at the time of registration in order to be sent an invitation via email upon discharge. If you have not yet provided us with your email address, or for whatever reason did not receive the email invitation, please call our Patient Portal Helpdesk at 315-567-0774 and leave your name, date of birth and email address, and we will send you an invitation manually.

Please note for the first few months, your hospital results and data will only be added to the FollowMyHealth portal in the form of Continuity of Care documents. In a few months, additional features and functionality will be implemented, including a list of your results without having to open the Continuity of Care file. We are confident you will love our new portal once the transition is fully complete.

If you encounter any issues with account creation or have any questions, please contact the ACH Patient Portal Helpdesk support team at (315) 567-0774 or email Hours of service are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST, excluding US national holidays.

Please note there will be no updates to your patient portal hosted by Relay Health. Only your historical data will remain there.

We look forward to partnering with you and FollowMyHealth to support quality patient care. Thank you for choosing Auburn Community Hospital for your healthcare needs!