Security Guard – Full Time (2pm-10pm) – Auburn Community Hospital

Job Title: Security Guard – Full Time (2pm-10pm) – Auburn Community Hospital

Job Description:

Will be responsible for patrolling hospital building and grounds to ensure safety of patients, visitors and staff from fire, theft, vandalism, illegal entry and enforcement of visiting policy.

 Job Functions


Make periodic rounds of building and grounds.
Observe for malfunctioning lights, misplaced fire extinguishers, open doors, electrical malfunctions, smoke, unauthorized persons and any other irregularities.
Communicate with Charge Nurse on each unit; note, resolve and refer problems appropriately.
Prepare incident report as required.
Enforce hospital-parking policy; resolve any parking lot problems.
Enforce other applicable hospital policies.
Check penthouse for functioning air conditioning fans; turn fans on or refer to maintenance as necessary.
Inspect fire extinguishers, hoses, and panel routinely for function and current inspection; resolve or report any discrepancies to Maintenance.
Respond to fire and disaster calls appropriately according to procedures.
Check time clocks for accuracy. Report ant discrepancies to Maintenance Department.
Maintain a lost and found as needed and properly record all lost and found property.
Perform other and related duties, as assigned.


Experience as a licensed Security Guard, Police officer, Guard or Military preferred.  BLS (Basic Life Support) certification required.


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