Assistant Director of Nursing – Full Time – Finger Lakes Center for Living

Job Title: Assistant Director Of Nursing – Full Time – Finger Lakes Center For Living

Job Description:

Broad Function: Per the direction of the director of nursing, the assistant director of nursing has the authority and responsibility for planning, directing and supervising all nursing personnel and services to ensure that safe, adequate and quality care is delivered to FLCL residents. The assistant director of nursing supports our vision of uncompromising dedication to excellence in assisting our community members to grow in spirit, experience dignity, live with a sense of fulfillment and meet the challenges of their changing lives.

Job Functions
Assists the director of nursing with planning, directing, integrating and coordinating health care delivery that is consistent with current long term care standards and guidelines.
In conjunction with the medical director and director of nursing, assures that resident care objectives are established and met.
Confers with director of nursing & administrator and other professional staff to establish, review and amend policies and procedures affecting resident care.
Per the direction of the director of nursing, makes regular contact with nursing staff, physicians, residents and families to ascertain the appropriateness and quality of resident care.
Assists director of nursing with Overseeing the maintenance of the required nursing care records relative to the quantity, quality and timeliness of resident care.
Authorizes or makes recommendations for discharges and discipline. Determines and recommends appropriate staffing levels based on resident needs.
Assists director of nursing with periodically reviewing and evaluating nursing staff performance.
Discusses job problems, grievances, concerns and resolutions with affected employees.
Represents the nursing department in facility planning and provides periodic reports and information on nursing care to the administrator and/or medical director/director of nursing.
Assists the director of nursing and staff educator with conducting pre-employment interviews, participates in the orientation and on-going in-service program for nursing personnel.
Assists director of nursing/staff educator with Recommending equipment and supplies needed to carry out nursing services operation.
Performs other related tasks as needed or assigned.
Carries out nursing responsibilities in the absence of the director of nursing.
Assists the nursing leadership team with on-call responsibilities and staffing shortages as needed.
Maintains competency of all facility medication carts & unit manager responsibilities.
Adheres to dress code, appears neat, clean and professional.
Completes annual education requirements.
Maintains regulatory requirements.
Reports to work on time and completes work within designated time frame.
Wears identification badge on duty
Maintains knowledge of skilled and acute facility needs.
Ensures confidentiality of resident records
Communicates the mission, ethics and goals of the facility as well as the vision statement.

Education: Current NYS licensure as a Registered Professional Nurse: Baccalaureate Degree or higher in nursing or a related field.


Experience: Five years of demonstrated ability in nursing practice, two years of rehabilitative or geriatric experience, two years of administrative experience.


Weekend shifts if needed.



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