Auburn Community Hospital is home to special blood analyzer

AUBURN N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Auburn Community Hospital is now the home of Abbott’s Alinity H-Series blood analyzer.

“It can do a crazy amount of testing very quickly and accurately,” said Dr. James Syrett, the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital. “It can find things we’ve previously never been able to find before.”

It’s the only one in the entire nation. Blood analyzers find disorders and cancers.

“It’s really going to change the patient experience,” said Dr. Syrett. “It’s going to catch medical conditions we were never able to find before and it’s amazing it’s coming to a rural integrated health care system like Auburn Community Hospital.”

Besides finding more medical conditions, it’s also faster than any other analyzer in the country.

“We use these analyzers on every patient. So, whether it’s for physician’s blood work and a tube of blood comes,” said John Bagenski, the technical director of the hospital’s laboratory. “We’re still going to perform the same tests on you, and it may find something sooner which is remarkable.”

The hospital laboratory has been using the Alinity H-Series for about a month now and says everything is running smoothly.

“Patients that were difficult for us to analyze before due to their conditions and abnormal blood cells we’re now able to analyze them with more accuracy,” said Jessica Giancona, the core laboratory supervisor. “We’ve already noticed an improvement in quality care of our patients.”

And it’s all thanks to a one-of-a-kind piece of technology.

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