Auburn Community Hospital has a team of physicians dedicated to serving only hospitalized patients. Unlike other physicians, Hospitalists practice medicine in a hospital environment only. This allows dedicated care to patients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this role, Hospitalists assume the role of the patient’s Primary Care Provider while the patient is hospitalized.

Our Team

The Hospitalist physicians at Auburn Community Hospital are well versed in managing the unique needs of hospitalized patients while maintaining dialogue with their Primary Care Providers.  This ensures the best continuity of care for every patient.

Our Team of Providers

  • Emma Dizon
  • Susan LaPorta, PA
  • Jennifer Kurtz, NP
  • Sara Miller, PA
  • Liz Mizro, NP
  • Emily Wilson, NP

Supporting the physicians are an Executive Assistant, a Social Worker/Discharge Planner and a Case Manager. They all help address any additional needs that may arise, especially those dealing with ongoing care after discharge.

Our Services

Our Hospitalists address any condition and order and manage test results promptly. This eliminates the need for patients having to wait until the next day when their Primary Care Physician makes their rounds. The high level and thoroughness of care they provide helps to decrease a patient’s length of stay and helps to get them back to their normal routine. Since our physicians are on-site, they also improve the level of communication with families in discussing care for their loved ones. Our Hospitalists are able to respond rapidly to any situation. They are also more familiar with hospital processes and procedures and as well as services available to patients at time of discharge.

Our Technology

To help increase their efficiency and ability to address patient needs promptly, our Hospitalists utilize computer physician order entry (CPOE) procedures as well as using tablet computers. These new technologies increase response time while tracking vital statistics.

For More Information

To contact a Hospitalist regarding the care of a loved one, call the switchboard at (315) 255-7011 and ask to speak with the Nurse’s Station on the floor where the patient is located. The receptionist will take a message and the Hospitalist will return your call.

For general information regarding the Hospitalists Department, call (315) 255-7438, Monday through Friday, from 7a.m. to 3p.m.