Outreach Programs

Auburn Community Hospital continues its tradition of providing superior health care to the residents of Auburn and the surrounding region with resources to help meet the ongoing needs for community health education and awareness.   Throughout the years this commitment has grown to include highly regarded wellness programs and services that are available to all members of our community at little or no cost.  These programs provide the residents with first-hand knowledge that can improve their understanding about health care in general and about matters that can improve a specific condition.

Our Team

The Outreach programs provided are conducted by members of our medical and support staff on a volunteer basis.  These committed individuals understand the need for ongoing and accessible health care education and have helped to develop programs that are informative, interesting and focused on health care issues affecting our community.  They all take personal satisfaction in helping others learn more about medical care and to better understand how to improve their personal health status. 

Outreach Programs and Services

Our programs and services have been developed to deliver a range of health care related information to a wide audience.  They include:

Heart Expo

An annual event, the Heart Expo at Auburn Community Hospital is focused on heart health.    The expo features cholesterol testing, blood pressure checks, pulmonary function testing, heart healthy food samples from local restaurants, and fun for children and families.

Women’s Health Institute

Each October, approximately 200 women gather at the Holiday Inn to enhance their health care knowledge to better care for their families as well as for themselves.  The event features nationally known keynote speakers together with workshops conducted by area health providers

Medically Speaking

This series of medically oriented lectures features experts in their fields to discuss health related issues affecting our community.  The series is conducted to ensure the health and safety of the members of our community.  Lecture topics have included:

  • The early signs of stroke and actions that should be taken
  • Aging and its impact on medication effectiveness
  • Determining the risk of developing osteoporosis
  • Vitamin D – the fountain of youth?
  • Cardiovascular Health for families on a budge
  • New trends in foot care

Childbirth Classes

Childbirth classes are conducted to develop the knowledge of the childbirth process to help women achieve an optimal birth experience.  These classes should be started between the 30th and 33rd weeks of pregnancy and include a hospital orientation and tour, stages of labor and the Lamaze method of childbirth.

For More Information

To find out more about our Outreach Programs and a calendar of scheduled events, please call the Volunteer Office at (315) 255-7350 or by email bdautrich@auburnhospital.org