Auburn Community Hospital Employee Awards Event

Posted on: 11/04/2015

On October 29th, 2015, Auburn Community Hospital hosted it’s annual Employee Awards and Recognition Dinner Event at the Holiday Inn, Auburn , NY. Years of Service Awards were given to staff, in five year increments , who have worked at ACH from 5 to 45 years. Additionally, achievement awards were presented in the categories of Clinical Excellence, Customer Service and Employee of the Year, to staff from the hospital, Finger Lakes Center for Living and Auburn Memorial Medical Services. Scott Berlucchi President and CEO presented the Employee of the Year Awards to Robert McConnell ( hospital ), Lynn Harrington ( Finger Lakes Center for Living ) and Kathy Johnson ( Auburn Memorial Medical Services ). Linda Faulkner was recognized for 45 years of service to ACH.


McConnell, Robert - Hsk Employee of the Year

Harrington, Lynn - FLCL Employee of the Year

Johnson, Kathy - AMMS Employee of the Year

Clancy, Kathy - 2M Clinical Excellence

Rathbun, Tina - FLCL Clinical Excellence

Cameron, Nancy - AMMS Clinical Excellence

Brier, Jessica - LAB Customer Service

Morano, Michelle - FLCL Customer Service

Morath, Jenie - AMMS Customer Service


1) Employee of the Year – from left to right :Scott Berlucchi, Hospital President/CEO, Erin Foley, AMMS Administrator, Kathy Johnson, Robert McConnell, Tammy Sunderlin, VP of Nursing , Lynn Harrington, and Brad Chapman, VP, Administration


2) Linda Faulkner – 45 years of Service Award – from left to right : Scott Berlucchi, Hospital. President/CEO, Linda Faulkner, Brad Chapman, VP, Administration and Tammy Sunderlin, VP of Nursing


3) Customer Service Awards – from left to right,Scott Berlucchi, Hospital President/CEO, Jessica Brier, Erin Foley Administrator, AMMS, Jenie Morath, Tammy Sunderlin, VP,Nursing, Brad Chapman, VP,Administration


4) Clinical Excellence –Nancy Cameron


5) Clinical Excellence – Kathy Clancy

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